The Edmonton Jazz Society (1973), a non-profit organization, was formed in 1973 to promote live jazz music in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

EJS contributes to provide the community with jazz entertainment / education thanks to the support from many sources. Government programs, foundations, and individual donations all help to maintain the organization. EJS continues to operate successfully due to the volunteer contribution of board members, individuals, staff, musicians, and patrons.  EJS is run by a volunteer Board.


EJS membership card from 1974


Operated entirely by volunteers, The Yardbird Suite, is the only facility of its kind in Canada. Every weekend between the middle of September and the end of June (with the break for the New Year) a new jazz experience unfolds in the Suite's casual and intimate atmosphere.  In addition to average 75 concerts per performance season, the Yardbird currently hosts weekly Tuesday Night Sessions, sponsors the Littlebirds Big Band, presents Jazz For Kids events, and provides concert space to other organizations.

Our programming has enabled local musicians to play with some of the world's luminaries of jazz. In partnership with the CBC and Radio-Canada, we have broadcasted nationally. In the past we have provided jazz appreciation courses, weekend workshops with visiting musicians and sponsored various bands. 

On March 23, 1957, the original Yardbird Suite opened on 10445 Whyte Avenue. Founding members included Terry Hawkeye, Zen and Ray Magus, Ron Repka, Garry Nelson, Ken Chaney and Neil Gunn.

In 1959 Yardbird Suite relocated to 9810 Jasper Avenue. When the Steak Loft moved from its original location on Jasper Ave and 98th Street into a new building further west on Jasper, the Yardbird Suite moved into the vacated Steak Loft premises. The Yardbird Suite operated in that location pretty well as the present operation is run, with the exception of the fact that the volunteers in those days were all musicians and their wives and girlfriends.  It ran most often five nights a week.

Yardbird Suite membership card from 1958

In 1967 an old VW garage across from the old CP station on the south side (corner od 102 Street and 81st Avenue) became Yardbird Suite new location.
In 1973 the EJS re-organized and staged concerts at the Captain's Cabin on 89 Avenue and 99 Street, Palm's Cafe and other locations.

On September 13 1984, with a crew of dedicated jazz  volunteers, the Yardbird Suite re-opened in its current location (known at the time as Malone Warehouse) at 11 Tommy Banks Way.