Issue #441: May 9, 2002

by Peter North


Kudos to Bob Tildesley, whose Indigenous Aliens turned in a superb performance at the Yardbird Suite this past Saturday.

The septet created bold and rich soundscapes that utilized both the organic and electronic veins of music-making and everyone on stage was given ample room to show their strengths as both ensemble players and soloists.

Original pieces, and original interpretations of material from sources like Ornette Coleman, were dished out with such a strong collective vision that the crowd was locked into every shift the band made.

Everyone in the band deserves to be singled out, but both guitarist Mo Lefever and saxophonist Brett Miles hit home runs on a couple of occasions. Not since Miles worked with Lester Quitzau has he delivered such rich and riveting solos that spoke with authority, clarity and conviction.

The rhythm-meter was also pinned on a number of occasions as Cliff Minchau and Dwayne Hrynkiw locked into deep grooves that gave Tildesley and Bill Jamieson a springboard-like foundation from which to explore pieces.

Too bad there arenít more venues inviting this band to play, as this is one fan who is convinced that the Indigenous Aliens could build quite a following given the opportunity.